Usurious Commercial Banking is Freedom, Interest-Free Government Money is Tyranny

The Daily Bell is indeed back: trying to reframe the debate once more. Saying Government money printing is always bad because the Money Power controls the State. There is some truth in this but as always evades the real issue. The elves passionately defend commercial banking while not wasting a single word on usury. But Usury is the ultimate Centralizer of Power.
Morphing the classical Marxist vs. Capitalist dialectic into public vs. private, the elves recently have been trying to regain some lost ground (see here and here). Their latest effort is ‘Real Evil: Attributing Money Creation to the State‘. Money Power controls the State, they correctly note, while ‘forgetting’ the Money Power is the Banking Cartel they are simultaneously defending as ‘free market banks’.
And ‘t is true: the fact that the Government creates a monopoly, only to hand it to the Money Power to milk the masses and start World Government just shows how utterly subservient to the Money Power Governments all over the world are.
Here’s the power pyramid again, it helps to keep a clear view of what is actually at stake.
The Protocols do not promote a free market Utopia. They want an all powerful World State. All its proxies see strong states. Nazism, which is a typical Money Power system, strong State, one Fuehrer, collectivist. Marxism, with its omnipotent State.
The free markets of Capitalism, aka the Money Power Transnational Monopoly, are just a ruse, it’s all one big block. Both Capitalism and Marxism are monopolies.
It is a common and grave mistake to equate Government with the Commonwealth. If it were not for the Money Power, a national Government, China, Russia or the US would have ruled the world. It would not be much more pleasant.
Anything centralizing power in State hands is Communism.
The reason we promote State money is because at this point it would devolve power from the top to the next layer. But when the State bears down on further decentralized money (like the Austrian CB closing down the Wörgl, or indeed as the Dutch Central Bank did with the Gelre), we resist that vociferously as fascist.
The issue is the centralization of power. This is the Money Power game and usury, with its 5 to 10T yearly wealth transfer, most of which ending up with the 0,0001% is the ultimate centralizer of power.
Public Banking…

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