The Republican National Committee has issued a big report on why the party lost their second straight election to the Kenyan Marxist — and the popular vote in the fifth of the past six presidentials.

The good news?

These people are clearly convinced that all their problems can be solved through better marketing, messaging, tactics, tweaking the primary schedule — plus tossing a few bones to the Mexicans and the gays.

Here’s some of the most frequently used terms in the report:

Message/Messaging: 77
Technology: 42
Conservative: 23
Marketing: 15
Tone: 13
Regulations: 8

Getting the picture? And here is the occurrence of some key policy/issues in the report, including those that were debated in the 2012 election.

Taxes: 2
Tea Party: 1
Debt (National): 1
Health care: 0
Wall Street: 0
Inequality: 0
Medicare: 0
Social Security: 0
Abortion: 0
Gay Marriage: 0
Climate Change: 0
Iraq: 0
Contraception: 0
Terrorism: 0
Transvaginal Ultrasounds: 0

Yep, all this baby needs is a shiny new coat of a paint and a catchy slogan — and we’re good!

As an aside, this might be my favorite line in the whole thing.

While the Democrats have Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, we have leaders like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, and Bobby Jindal, among many others.




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