Why the Government is Your Enemy

betsy-ross-flag-steven-michaelThe Federal Observer – by Ron Ewart

As most of you know, we have been writing weekly articles about the issues that face America and Americans for almost 10 years, from the perspective of a conservative. Over that time period we have become acutely aware of just how divided America really is and how that very division stops us from fixing the serious and vexing problems we face. Americans seem to be hopelessly divided byrace, age, gender, religion and rich and poor, while the government profits and gains more power from our divisions and manipulates us like puppets.

In analyzing where those divisions came from, we keep coming back to the government. Because of direct government actions of parceling out money and services to different constituent groups, paid for from the public treasury, those groups have become divided among themselves, each fighting the other over the “spoils” of government largess. Those “spoils” are exchanged for votes by government to keep them in power.

From Social Security, to welfare, to Medicare, to Medicaid, to health care, to money, to food, to water, to land, the environment and to energy, we are at the government’s mercy. Now with Obama care, they have us literally by the throat, because if government controls the payment of your health care, they can control your behavior, your habits and your life and even whether you live or die ….. simply by passing laws, or promulgating bureaucratic rules.

Since the middle 1930′s we have been given government social security numbers to implement social security that was purely designed to make people dependent on government in their senior years, in exchange for their votes. Social Security is so ingrained in the culture that any politician who dares to utter the words, “we must reformSocial Security” will lose his or her political career almost overnight. Now, everyone you do business with wants your once-private social security number for identification. How did that happen?

Our private health records are now on some government computer mainframe, subject to scrutiny by the government. Soon we will be given a national ID card allegedly to tell who is a legal American and who is not. We won’t be able to travel anywhere without that national ID card, making us that much more dependent on the federal government. (NOTEThe national ID card will not solve the illegal immigration problem and neither will amnesty.)…



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