Michio Kaku – Top Secret Military War Plans

Professor Michio Kaku discusses the secret military projects that the United States had planned during the 1950’s, such as US President Eisenhower’s OPLAN 852 to drop the atomic bomb on North Korea and President Nixon’s Atomic Anex which had plans to use Thermonuclear weapons on the the China-Korean Border to end the Vietnam War. Michio Kaku almost discusses the social perception of warfare and peace.

In 2005 Michio Kaku was invited to a world peace conference in San Pedro with US congressman Dennis Kucinich, who would go on to run in the 2008 election, and brought up some very insightful and interesting points, some of which may have been a premonition to the global economic crisis and the global military agenda.

Just as Eisenhower assumed that “Atomic Bombs are Like Bullets” we are now being fed the illusion that “Wars are like Bullets” and that we should just tolerate warfare as the only solution to anything.

War on Poverty, War on Healthcare, War on Everything.

The global spending on weapons and military programs outweigh all programs that combat healthcare and poverty combined.

The world we live in is on the brink of failure from a gregarious, domination driven, series of world powers. These are not hidden Cabals or secret societies, these are not communities hiding in the shadows of society: these are the plain sight actions of entire nations.

The United States, North Korea, Russia, China, Israel and The United Kingdom and European Union are all engaging in gregarious social military operations that impoverish our culture and are keeping people on the brink of starvation and abject poverty.

Moreover, more people are being slaughtered themselves in ever more frequent acts of mass violence, which have been increasing in frequency every year; a clear probe into the self-destruction of social bonds in modern culture and a premonition to the potential destruction of our civilization into an eventual state of barbarism.

The economic situation, constantly being advertised as unstable, is causing bickering which will inevitably lead to high levels of warfare, fuelled by a greed that is never sated.

Systematic destruction of the Earth’s ecosystems and environment is also carried out by the global superpowers, causing continuous destruction from an unstable climate which they have inadvertently created and yet deny they have done so, leaving the blame in limbo and the consequences to a population of vulnerable people who have been told that city destroying tornadoes and flooding are normal and that they should just be good and suffer it rather than upset the apple cart.

The political elite are so utterly dependant on their systems of economic, political, religious and social control that they will fight against the people to do so.

Modern warfare does not fear nuclear weapons, the cold war is over. There are no “Superpowers”. The Nations realise that the greatest destructive force to the traditional way of keeping people in line are the people themselves.

As Dr. Kaku rightfully says: “The will of the people is more powerful than the hydrogen bomb”. Governments know this and, as a result, frequently declare war on the people to keep them in line.

Conservative Politicians, in both the US and European Union, are attempting to create “New Rome”, an unstoppable global empire which will rule the earth using military overreach until our rights are devoured.

That is why television has become insipidly stupid and trivialised, that is why media sharing websites are placated with advertisements and that is why we are constantly reminded that any for of work in today’s economy (no matter how menial) is a virtue.

The best way “Old Rome” could control the people was trough the Gladiator Games and nationalistic fervour that saw violence as good and criminals as demigods.

Government’s have plenty of money, and dish it out to keep the people happy enough to be allowed to work for the global domination driven elite and dumb enough to think that it is a gift given to them by their superiors.
Warfare has changed from being between nations to being between the rich and the poor.

The Global Economic Crisis of 2008 can be traced, piece by piece, by a combination of warfare funded by the United States and European Union against the Islamic Civilization and a form of warfare aimed at their own citizens which has resulted in a so-called “recession” which government’s in The West want to make permanent.

We are in the 3rd stage of empire: Military Overreach and Economic and Social Collapse.

This is the Empire of the Rich versus the Democracy of the Public.


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