America is under attack

America is under attack. 49515.jpeg

Mention 9/11 and immediately you get the yawn brigade babbling “oh not again??!”.  Well, honestly, I don’t intend trying to put you to sleep – personally, if you cannot see that the official line is total bunk from statements made by Firemen and first responders who stated that there were explosions, to the literal myriad of documents and articles that show the official story was just as cleaver as Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman – then nothing I can say will change your mind. 

For those of you who actually want some investigative work done and are prepared to consider [I didn’t say, accept] a view that is contrary to what the NWO  wants you to believe, then read on; hopefully I may make some sense. 

Let’s go back just a little way, pre 9/11. Investigative journalist Greg Palast, exposed in 2001, a technique that the NWO [World Bank, IMF, global elite, illuminati and cohorts] use to asset strip a nation.  As mentioned in my previous articles – the NWO is not that smart as they continue to repeat a process, so if you can identify the mechanism used once – it will be used again if it was initially successful.  As a successful operation, it is often euphemistically referred to by a name or acronym – like the CIA coloured revolutions [rose, violet, orange et..a].  in this case, the act of asset stripping was referred to as the IMF Riot.

The two words in the identifying name give us the clue as to who is behind it and how it works.  The final act of asset stripping is to promote a riot [total civil unrest/disobedience], bankrupting the country and collapsing the government.  Look at Ireland [PIIGS group]. Ireland was a standout economy 10 or 12 years ago; it was hailed as a model economy and I remember visits from Irish delegations to New Zealand to explain what they were doing and how they had such success.  Other EU countries were held up against Ireland and measured against Ireland. Now Ireland [as others, Greece] is being setup for asset stripping.

What the IMF criminals do is to promote growth by fiscal policy and money supply; they want the country to gain wealth – the more wealth, the more they make when the strip it. When they consider the time right, they change policy, call in loans and impose IMF conditions upon the governments; forcing the governments into the IMF policies of austerity, privatisation and deregulation. Sound familiar – it should do as it is happening all around the globe – even here in New Zealand!  This economic terrorism, forces the people to riot; the rioting brings down the government and the IMF move to instigate their own controlled government [puppet government].  This puppet government, in order to dig itself and country out of the financial hole it finds itself in, sells off the nation’s jewels.  Nationally own assets, power generation etc [all paid for by taxpayers and owned by the people] are all sold by privatisation to “overseas” buyers”.  Industry is stripped, sold off and moved either off shore or closed down to prevent opposition to IMF controlled business. What they have done by sleight of hand is obtain all real assets for worthless monopoly money that they printed and forwarded as “Loans”.

How they do it is no real secret [how people keep falling for it is a mystery though] so I’ll take the liberty here to simplify the process by outlining it…



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