Al Gore: Democracy Needs to Trump Capitalism or the Global Elite Will Triumph

 algore75 Al Gore, a Jeremiah Amidst the Global Elite

The former vice president of the United States and rightful winner of the 2000 presidential election has a new visionary book just published that will largely be ignored by the mainstream media.  

Why? Because it values democracy over capitalistic excesses. Because it proclaims that the elected officials in DC are just lackeys, in essence, for the moneyed elite.  Because it details how the global corporations and financial institutions are now more powerful than nation states.  And that’s just the beginning of why you won’t read much in the media about Gore’s “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change.”

As Brad Blog quotes from a Jon Stewart interview with Gore on “The Daily Show” (one of the few outlets that will allow Gore free rein to state his anti-status quo viewpoints), Gore doesn’t hold back:

Our democracy has been hacked. It’s been taken over. It no longer operates the way our founders intended it to, because of anonymous donors, big money, corporations as people, might makes right. The lobbyists and special interests are now in control. They can’t do anything without begging permission from the powerful special interests and it is time that we take our democracy back and it can be done.

But there’s so much more in the interview and the book, the kind of enlightened perspective – untainted by corporate and jingoistic propaganda – that it makes you feel like you’ve found on an oasis after nearly dying from thirst.

For example, he has an entire section is on “Power: The Shifting of Power from Nation-States to Multinational Corporations.”  The United Nations is a nice concept, but countries are now increasingly just vehicles for global corporations, bankers, and institutions such as the IMF to control economies, wages and work on a world-wide scale.  And here is a guy who was elected president but denied his rightful position by a coup led by the right wing thug Antonin Scalia and four more Supreme Court justices who Vincent Bugliosi – author and prosecutor – wrote about in a book called, “The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President.” (The cover consists of mug shots with jailhouse numbers of the five justices who voted to anoint Bush president at that time.)

In the run up to the Iraq War, Gore gave a couple of speeches – sponsored by – blasting the propaganda movement toward the war, the erosion of civil liberties and the degradation of democracy, etc.  Of course, the mainstream corporate media dismissed the man who should have been in the White House as something between a spoil sport and a lunatic.  That’s what you get when a former member of the elite betrays the tacit understanding of always backing the status quo of the permanent bi-partisan managerial class…



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