Private Usury Exposed!

By Wayne Walton

Private usury has warred on humanity for 1000’s of years. Less than 1% have divided and conquered the One. They simultaneously finance conflicting movements. The US Military Industrial Complex, the peace movement and the ‘radical Muslim’ agent provocateurs are all financed by the Beast. Think of how the “peace movement” conveniently evaporated as soon as Obama was elected. Think of how Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden were each Western supported bank puppets.

WWII was also financed on each side by the same “money masters”. FDR, Stalin and Hitler were each financed to wage the “good war”. Meanwhile, peace activist, poet Ezra Pounds warned the world that private usury was engineering the entire conflict. FDR, the saint of the phony left, put Pound is in a mental institution for 13 years. Meanwhile, the left hid Prescott Bush’s financing of Hitler’s genocide machine. Not to mention downplaying Stalin’s genocide in the USSR. The private bankers finance the destruction while the governments collect the usury called taxes.

The anti-human rules over the human through the money system based upon debt and usury. This is why Jews, Christians and Muslims each forbid usury for 1000’s of years. Before being corrupted, usuryfree economics was the absolute law to elevate humanity above the “money power”. The ONLY laws then were the 10 Commandments, usuryfree lending and the 7 and 49 year debt Jubilee. Today, we have 1000’s of statutes which corral humanity and leave demons to run amok.

The great prophets targeted the ROOT CAUSE of all the other evils. Moses, Jesus and Muhammed each condemned usury as theft. “Usury is the weaponization of the love of money” -Michael Hoffman.

In order for humanity to emancipate itself from the “money power” we must root out usury. Usuryfree economics offers immediate and massive abundance for humanity. A 15-30 week work year in the vocation of your passion will be achieved. There was “Life Without Usury” and the will be “Life Without Usury” again. Expect emancipation from debt slavery via the TRUE LAW of Jubilee. 

Don’t settle for phony leaders who only offer austerity, conflict over symptoms, fear, collapse, bunkers and bullets.

It is our duty to lead humanity with a vision of hope and abundance. Not based on phony ‘hope and change” bank puppet’s promises. True “hope and change” is based upon ancient wisdom and sacred economics. This is the REAL REVOLUTION which is kryptonite to Mammon.

Rise up free humanity! It is OUR responsibility to fix this. Demand the Jubilee and usuryfree, abundant and voluntary economics. We will be harnessing the power of the Ark of the Covenant to unite debt slaves against their masters without violence or blood. An actionable, powerful plan for human emancipation from the “money power”. Our greatest days are ahead!…



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