… Yet, there was not a peep from the Israeli government or the ADL or the Wiesenthal Center labeling  Swedishphotojournalist Paul Hansen an anti Semite for his winning photo in the World Press Photo Contest. Only the ultra nationalist Arutz Sheva ran THIS dribble about it. Their report starts with Israel is losing the war ofimages against liars who have set up an industry of blood libels ‘through the lens’ …. pretty pathetic argument in my opinion.
Let’s have a look at the ‘blood libel’ referred to in this photo; just whose blood is staining the shrouds of the dead children in the image?
Every zionist and his mother jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago condemning the cartoonist Gerald Scarfe for penning the following;
times-cartoon (1)
Our own Carlos Latuff ‘won’ third place for the following on the Wiesenthal Hate List of 2012′…

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