Americans Who Love Authority Are More Likely to Vote Republican

It is not class or education that explains political preferences. It is personality; specifically, the degree to which white voters believe in order and hierarchy. In fact, it turns out that plenty of less well-educated whites tolerate ambiguity and disdain hierarchy. Conversely, many well-off, college-educated whites dislike ambiguity. Studies have repeatedly shown that answers to child-rearing questions reflect fundamental personality differences that, in turn, have become perhaps the most important explanation for polarized politics. These personality differences describe who supports gay marriage and who doesn’t, who favors immigration and “amnesty” and who opposes them, as well as differences on a host of other issues. Individuals who cherish independence and curiosity tend overwhelmingly to be authority questioning, whereas those who most value respect for elders [regardless if they deserve it] and good manners tend to place a premium on order and hierarchy. 


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