Principled Societies Project Part I: Local Financial System

Published on Jan 3, 2013
This video introduces the Token Exchange System, a local monetary/financial system being developed by the Principled Societies Project, based on the book “Creating Sustainable Societies” by John Boik. The token system is an advanced form of local currency. It is designed to help urban economies become stronger, greener, more resilient, more diverse, more self-sufficient, and more fair.

See for more information. A free PDF version of the book is available at the website.

Credits: written, directed, and produced by John Boik, narrated by Jim MacMorran, animation and video editing by Kevin Baldwin.


One thought on “Principled Societies Project Part I: Local Financial System

  1. TMBI…
    What is Distributism?
    Distributism finds its roots in the social and economic theories articulated in the documents of the Catholic pontiffs, beginning with Pope Leo XIII’s “Rerum Novarum.” These social encyclicals raise imperatives on economic transaction and its relation to labor, solidarity, wages, the wide diffusion of ownership, and the proper limits of technology. Distributism is an economic system compliant with the principles of these documents, and is centered on the widest possible ownership of property as the best guarantee of political and economic freedom. A family that owns its own land or its own tools can make its own way in the world without being dependent on someone else for a “job.” Thus, Distributism seeks to extend property ownership to as many as possible, and end the concentration of ownership by few capitalists or state officials.

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