Elites Admit Violent Revolution Imminent: NWO Conference Part 2

TrutherGirl Sonia and Ken Fernandaz (who is a journalist and holds two law degrees) return to the 18th International Economic Forum of the Americas and find the discourse very different from the previous day’s sessions. Today, the bankers and CEOs admit that the present model of globalization (imperialism) is not working, and that if things don’t improve, violent revolution may be unavoidable.
I have to commend Mr Ketan Patel, Pres and CEO of Greater Pacific Capital, for his courage to be so honest about the current situation, to give credit to the level of awareness of the general public and to suggest that a complete overhaul of the system is needed- one in which the deck is not stacked in favor only of the elites. I don’t know how his vision for ‘Globalizatiion 2.0’ would pan out, but at least he was willing to admit the current game plan (which looks to me like what the Rockefeller Institute once called ‘Lock Step’) is sure to end in disaster for the elites as well as the rest of us.


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