In Amerika Law No Longer Exists: the extermination of truth — Paul Craig Roberts

In the 21st century Americans have experienced an extraordinary collapse in the rule of law and in their constitutional protections. Today American citizens, once a free people protected by law, can be assassinated and detained in prison indefinitely without any evidence being presented to a court of their guilt, and they can be sentenced to prison on the basis of secret testimony by anonymous witnesses not subject to cross examination. The US “justice system” has been transformed by the Bush/Obama regime into the ”justice system” of Gestapo Germany and Stalinist Russia. There is no difference.

In an article available here: Stephen Downs, formerly Chief Attorney with the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct and Kathy Manley, a criminal defense attorney and member of the New York Civil Liberties Union, report on how the US government destroyed a charity, the Holy Land Foundation, which provided money for feeding the poor and for building schools and hospitals in Palestine.

The charity, aware of the perils of being based in the US and doing anything for Palestinians, relied on the US State Department and the US Department of Justice (sic) for guidance on where to send humanitarian aid. The charity sent its aid to the same aid committees in Palestine that the US Agency for International Development and the UN used to distribute aid to the Palestinians.

In the first trial of the Holy Land Foundation, the US government admitted that none of the charity’s donations had gone to terrorist organizations, and the federal prosecutors failed to achieve a conviction. So the prosecutors tried the charity again.

In the second trial, the judge permitted the prosecutors to call an “anonymous expert” to tell the jury that some of the committees used by USAID and the UN and approved by the US Department of State were controlled by Hamas, the elected government of Palestine that Israel requires the US government to brand as “terrorist.”

As Downs and Manley point out, an “anonymous expert” cannot “be challenged because he is unknown.” There cannot be a cross examination. The “expert” could be anyone–someone paid to lie to the jury, a Jew who believes all help to Palestinians comprises “aid to terrorists,” or a member of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service that has throughly infiltrated the US according to US intelligence experts.

Injustices are everywhere, the authors admit, so why is this important to you? The answer is that the due process clause of the US Constitution requires that criminal laws give fair notice as to what conduct is prohibited. According to Downs and Manley, the Holy Land Foundation followed the US State Department’s list of designated terrorist organizations and avoided all contact with organizations on the list, but were indicted and convicted regardless. This tells us that federal prosecutors are viciously corrupt and that jurors are so inept and propagandized that they are useless to defendants.

The US Supreme Court refused to review this most blatant case of wrongful conviction. By so doing, the US Supreme Court established that the court, like the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and the executive branch, is not only a servant of the police state but also a servant of Israel and supports the destruction of the Palestinians by designating aid to Palestine as an act of terrorism….




Avoid Doctors to Protect Your Health!


John McDougall MD explains how tests you receive during a checkup can destroy your health and well being. Do not have a regular physical exam. Eat plant-based and only see doctors when you’re sick. This is from the Healthy Lifestyle Expo weekend conference. For more info about talks from this event, see:

Godless liberal sickos win again

Your old-world grandmother will refuse to believe it. Your Southern cousin will likely shake his head like he’s throwing off lice, completely unwilling to process. Rick Santorum will, with any luck and God’s good graces, spontaneously combust. And of course, the NRA will shudder and reload in a panic because, honey, they’re afraid of everything.

It does not matter. Let the reactions come, the paranoia ensue, the bitter ashes of past injustices dissipate into the wind. For lo, a raft of hard-fought – and fairly radical – cultural changes hath finally come, and the changes are good and the changes are righteous and the changes, as MLK knew and your Republican friends are loathe to admit, are toward the progressive and the just. You know, just like always.

Perhaps you’ve heard? Perhaps you’ve noticed? The infamous “culture wars” officially declared in the Reagan era and then hissed forth through the years by everyone from George W. Bush to Rick Warren, the Tea Party to groupthink megachurches, Rush Limbaugh’s giant mouth to Bill O’Reilly’s sad little book, Palin and Bachmann and Karl Rove, too, all ultimately landing with an inglorious splat on poor Rick “please don’t Google my last name” Santorum’s head, the culture wars of yore are essentially over.

And the Republicans lost.

The culture wars! What a silly idea. What a ridiculous and lopsided fight. All about gay marriage, women’s rights, pornography, censorship, “elitist” higher education, support for the arts, for science, immigration, the environment, legal marijuana, gays in the military, a black president, self-determined spirituality versus the deep poison that is organized religion.

The culture wars! Been around for ages, but most recently determined to mean constricted, God-fearing, red state “family values” versus “immoral” ‘60-style open-mindedness, all spinning off the timeless argument that the moral fabric of this great nation would surely be shredded to bits if too many Americans were allowed to have a free abortion after enjoying joyful sodomy in church with their college-educated gay husband’s blasphemous public sculpture that looks like a freedom-loving handgun shaped like a recreational vagina. Or something.

Gay soldiers and women in combat? What’s next, a black president? Oh wait.

Evidence of the GOP’s glorious, ongoing loss? Everywhere and palpable. Gay marriage, to the vast majority of the nation and certainly to nearlyeveryone under 30, is a foregone and no-big-deal conclusion. Gays are now allowed to serve openly in the military and attend military academies (though not, of course, in the NFL), and now we hear that women have just been given the OK to serve in combat, too, which of course means we are all doomed – because as everyone knows, women are too weakand easy to rape, and gays just want to have sex with the enemy.

But never mind that now, because even the numbly prejudiced Boy Scouts are, at the behest of at least a few very powerful, wealthy donors/members,reconsidering their hateful ban on gays. Can you hear that? It’s the avidly bigoted South, losing cultural traction by the second…


Mass Killings: Why American Men Are “Going Postal”

…Why destroy the lives of strangers? Where does such murderous rage come from?

In order to try to engage that question we can begin by looking at the common traits of the murderers. Being male is something all but one shared, and being white – or Asian, in the case of two – is also something shared. That is a remarkable fact hidden in plain sight.

It is all the more remarkable because the race and gender of the perpetrators was not discussed. Surely, if all of the mass killers were African-American that would have been noticed. If all those people were killed by white women or immigrants, that too would have been a topic of discussion, to say the least. Somehow the fact that the killers were white men seemed unremarkable. That is a clue to consider.

What could make US white males so angry?…



Keiser Report: Bond-Pocalypse Now (E400)


Published on Jan 31, 2013
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert for their 400th episode discuss Obeelzebub and Jamie Demon as the inevitable outcome of collateral faking, zombie banking and paper printing. They also discuss Russia’s central bank buying gold while David Cameron is telling porkies about UK national debt. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Ian Williams of Charteris Treasury about silver suppression and the bond-pocalypse.

Money on an Island – The Apopalyptics


Published on Jan 30, 2013
The Apopalyptics take on tax-dodging multi-national corporations
Lyrics below (and in subtitles – click – clip sous-titré en français et anglais)

Lyrics: Money on an island © O.McEldowney/D.Cole 2012

You can keep your money on an island
You can keep your money safe from prying eyes
You can keep your money on an island
You can keep your money out of sight
Bet your money on it!

Tax havens, let me name some:
Jersey, and the Caymans
And in general British islands,
And on Europe’s mainland,
Luxembourg and some Swiss cantons,
Crooks just love the City of London,
Hush hush, mum’s the word
Like it were full of masons or

Delaware in the USA, man,
Running money from Venezuela,
Sometimes these places paid more,
Than their working neighbours
They use their populations
As their labour
They use their infrastructures
And their education

But services? Nah, they don’t pay for them,
So you can see the state they’re in
An honest boss pays a heavy burden but
Not for these corporations,
These float-from-place-to-place-men,
With their government mates, then
Who dream of when one day they
Can join them in tax havens!

You can keep your money on an island
You can keep your money safe from prying eyes
You can keep your money on an island
You can keep your money out of sight
Bet your money on it!

Tax avoiders, let me blame some
Petrol, trendy net search engines,
News moguls, big bank conmen
Phone providers swap them
Tax write-off for boys’ club – trap dumb
Animals with lap-dance and some
Champagne on a yacht attracts them
So-called politicians

Big pop stars (while artists starve)
Buy boats to go rave in
Show Hello, their kitsch locations,
Half-Batcave, half-gymnasium
Hypocrite: debt victims pay them
Drug dealers sent to heaven
Some people take cash just to survive
Or just to keep a small business alive or
To get gifts for their loved ones
Ah, but this is different!
We’re not talking about fiddling a form nor
Taking sixty quid’s benefit fraud, no
We’re talking about stealing six billion
From sick children!

And let’s not mention,
Large countries’ tax exemptions,
Banks who ask no questions
Dictators come to them from
Crass corruption to Paris or London,
No great investment,
They live but they don’t pay rent
And it ain’t sent back home

When business fails, who pays for it?
That’s right, the taxpayers!
When business booms, who benefits?
That’s right, they just take it!
What without even paying,
A small percentage, a small donation?
For all the help we gave them?
Nope, that’s tax havens!

You can keep your money on an island
You can keep your money safe from prying eyes
You can keep your money on an island
You can keep your money out of sight
Bet your money on it!

Performances by Ed Mayhew and Dan Curtis of Making Faces |
Directed by Liza Cucco |
Photography by Emily-Jane Robinson | | assisted by Paul Scott
Edited by Paul Scott | | assisted by Liza Cucco
Make-up – Emily Chloe Rubinstein –
Apopalyptics Logo by Olivier Leonard, Brussels

Virginia alternative currency plan moves forward


Del. Bob Marshall did a little strategic name-dropping Thursday, and it had the desired effect.

For two years, the Prince William County Republican has been seeking a study of whether Virginia should adopt an alternative currency to replace the dollar in case the Federal Reserve System has a major meltdown.

His quest always ended in failure – until this year.

Presenting the latest version of his proposal (HJ590) to a subcommittee of the House Rules Committee, Marshall said his worry about a breakdown of the federal monetary system is no idle fear. There have been cyber attacks on banks, he said, and the Pentagon is preparing for economic warfare.

“My purpose is to have a Plan B,” he said, so Virginians would still be able to conduct commerce without using greenbacks.

Then he pulled out his trump card.

This year, he said, he has the support of Judy Shelton, an economist who happens to be a friend and neighbor of House Speaker William Howell, R-Stafford County, who chairs the Rules Committee. And the speaker himself has gotten behind the measure, Marshall added.

Then, with almost no discussion, the panel approved the bill on a 4-0 vote, advancing it to the full committee.

The cost of the study is capped at $22,560 – in greenbacks…



Israel Is a No-Show at Its U.N. Human Rights Review

GENEVA  — Israel on Tuesday became the first nation to skip a United Nations review of its human rights record without giving a reason  — and then won a precedent-setting deferral.

The president of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, Remigiusz Henczel, declared Israel a no-show at a meeting in Geneva and then reconvened the 47-nation council to decide what to do.

Israel had asked Mr. Henczel in January to postpone the review but did not provide a public explanation.

“This is a rather unique step which has never happened in the past,” said the German United Nations ambassador, Hanns Heinrich Schumacher….



Envisioning a Frightening New Normal in “Post-Racial” America of Austerity, Insecurity for All But the Very Rich

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III, Truthout: When you connect the dots in a supposedly “post-racial America,” you find a frightening possibility that the new normal may well be decades of austerity for a new “precariat class,” with insecure jobs and vanishing civil liberties.

These concepts, when discussed individually, make for interesting dialogue. Moreover, when assessed in a larger context, these same concepts should become a cause for concern.

Right after Senator Obama became President there were many discussions and articles written about a Post-Racial America. Had we evolved into an America devoid of racial preference, discrimination and prejudice? On August 10, 2008, The New York Times published an article by Matt Bai entitled “Is Obama the End of Black Politics?” The premise of the article was that in 2008, 60 years after Strom Thurmond left the Democratic Party over the issue of integrating the armed forces and 45 years after Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the Democratic party was poised to deliver its nomination for the nation’s highest office to an African American. Bai’s article asked if Obama’s nomination somehow signaled the end of black politics?

The answer to Matt Bai’s question is; of course not. America cannot be closer to being post-racial when a candidate for president has to run a de-racialized campaign to make the masses comfortable with the obvious aesthetic. We are not in a post-racial America when the unemployment rate in the African-American community is more than double the national average and the wealth accumulation of the average European American family is 20 times that of the average African-American family. The dangerous subtext to that question is that it ignores the struggle for justice and equality that African Americans still face. It also reinforces the conservative view that the government should no longer enact and enforce legislation guaranteeing the rights of minorities.

As the American economy has remained stagnate with 1.3 percent growth, the national unemployment number has stayed close to 8 percent, 17 percent in the African-American community. Close to 5.4 million people have dropped out of the workforce, and now analysts and commentators have started talking about a “New Normal.” Americans are supposed to get used to dismal rates of growth and high unemployment while the stock market soars and American corporations sit on record cash balances. According to CNBC, corporate “cash balances have swelled 14 percent and are on track toward $1.5 trillion for the Standard & Poor’s 500, according to JPMorgan. Both levels would be historic highs.”

These record amounts of cash being stockpiled by corporations are not “trickling down” to the working and middle classes. The “job creators” are not creating jobs. According to Pimco Investment founder Bill Gross, “It’s time to recognize that things have changed and that they will continue to change for the next – yes, the next 10 years and maybe even the next 20 years.” This is the “new normal” and it’s not good.

The solution being proposed by conservatives and subtly endorsed by President Obama to address the financial crisis is “austerity.” Austerity is the policy of deficit-cutting by lowering spending via a reduction in the amount of benefits and services provided by the government. Instead of focusing on what to save, they are debating what to cut.

In challenging times such as these, the government should be investing in the economy – not cutting back. Reductions in government spending tend to increase unemployment, which increases demands on social programs or “safety-net” programs. Increased unemployment also reduces tax revenue. As with the Great Depression, short-term government spending financed by deficits may be required to support economic growth when consumers and businesses are unwilling or unable to do so.

When you start to connect the dots between the New Normal and Austerity, you see an additional picture. There is a new class of existence being created in this country. Professor Guy Standing calls this new class the “precariat.”

“Millions of workers, mainly young and educated, are being habituated to a life of unstable labor and uncertainty, a precarious existence. . . .The precariat is wanted by multinationals and many corporations”. . . because the precariousness of their existence makes them easy to exploit. They are saddled with debt from school loans, working two and three jobs at subsistence wages with no health care, no pension and no sense of permanency or security…